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April 29, 2017
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In today’s business atmosphere the data on your computer can make or break your day.  If you fall into the category of most Americans who have important data on your computer, backing up that data should be one of your top priorities.  Below are a few popular ways to back up data, at Triad Nerd Herd we recommend you use a combination of local and online storage to save your data.  You can never be too safe with your information.

1 – External Hard Drive:  For around $150.00 you can grab a 2-3 TB external hard drive from amazon or your local computer store.  Using this weekly to backup your most important files gives you a plug and play option just in case your computer data goes south.  It also removes the need to carry your computer with you everywhere you go.

2 – Online Backup:  Programs like Dropbox offer a great backup solution that is separate from integrated online storage systems like ICloud.  Make sure you looking into the credibility of the programs and go through the instructions making sure you check ALL the files you need to save to the online storage.  This also will give you access to key files anywhere you have the internet.

3 – Automatic Computer Image: Programs like Carbonite take snapshots of your entire computer, files, settings and programs.  Then compress them down into a smaller file for easy storage and transfer.  These programs are relatively cheap and many offer basic free versions.

At Triad Nerd Herd we like to use a combination of all three options.  This way you are never without your files despite life’s random disasters.  Sometimes it pays to be a bit paranoid!

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