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July 3, 2017

The Clickware problem

Most people in the United States and other technology dependent countries have heard or dealt with clickware first hand.

In the past couple months dealing with this has become one of the primary functions of Triad Nerd Herd. So, we wanted to give everyone a few simple tricks to stay out of trouble.

1- Don’t go to “fishy” sites. If you are not sure of a domains credibility, stay away from it. The less policed and secured a site is, the more like someone has hacked it and your files are at risk.

2- Don’t click on advertisements. As a whole, most advertisements are not clickware. However, if you are unsure or if you don’t know why an ad is popping up, Don’t Click!

3- If something does pop up onto your screen CTRL+ALT+DELETE to the task manager and end your internet browser. This way you don’t risk clicking the wrong button and allowing the virus to hop over your firewall.

4- Have powerful anti virus software. The day of the Free anti virus is over! I know many people who will argue with me on this point. They, however, do not see how easy it is for a computer with a weak anti virus to be infected on a daily basis as I do. Just last week we have someone come in with a major, big nasty virus that was completely wrecked by the Emsisoft Anti Virus Software we installed a few months back. The potential hundreds to thousands of dollars are they saved was well worth the $40 a year price tag.

5- Shut down and call the Nerd Herd. If something does get onto your computer, shut it down and call us. Don’t try and fix clickware on your own unless you have a vast knowledge of virus removal. Shut it down, remove ethernet cable and bring in to us, we got your back!

If you need help getting your computer back up and running, call the experts at Triad Nerd Herd for help! Click the button below to get in touch with them.

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