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We are one of the area’s leaders in virus removal!
Viruses and Malware are quickly becoming one of the top computer killers in the world.  Not only can they slow, sometimes kill your computer, they can also steal your personal information if left too long.  Triad Nerd Herd, your local computer repair shop out of Kernersville NC not only provides fantastic virus removal but repairs the damage left behind. We are you one stop shop for Kernersville Virus Removal!
We start by running a thorough scan on your computer to check and see how infected it is. Then we use a combination of automated and manual methods to remove any virus we find. Once we are done gathering and performing complete virus removal, we complete a total computer optimization to make sure your computer is running as good as new! The result is a computer with a clean slate and new life pumped into it. We are not your average virus removal company! Triad Nerd Herd is the number 1 provider of Virus Removal in Kernersville and the Triad area.
I own a business and am very dependent on my Macbook for day to day operations. The Nerd Herd did a great job fixing it in a very timely manner and the price was very reasonable. If you are looking for a quick reliable company for all of your computer service needs I strongly recommend you give The Nerd Herd’s a call.

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Computer Slowing Down?

The #1 computer killer in America is a computer Virus

Triad Nerd Herd can get your computer back in the game fast whether you have a small virus or a massive system wide infection. We pride ourselves on being some of the very best at virus removal in the Triad area.